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What to Expect

A grace-filled, friendly atmosphere

When you step through the door, you will receive a friendly smile and handshake! Our people understand that we do not have everything together; we struggle with making ends meet, raising a family and getting through the work week.

No matter how you come, we welcome you as family and want to encourage you.

A Christ-centered worship service

We strive to make our church a shelter from the problems and pace of life thus we seek to make Christ the main focus of our service.

Our church service begins with singing, we seek to praise the Lord in worship and we have singing from our worship team and congregational. 

Our pastor then preaches a relevant Bible message that brings God’s truth into your life today. He speaks on topics such as salvation, the family, forgiveness, having joy, and many more!

Our goal is to honor Christ with our services and to impact others with the truth of God’s Word.

A place to get involved

After your first visit, we hope you come again because our church is a place where you can be included! There are special small-group classes for all stages of life that are fun and exciting. We have multiple ministries that specifically help you raise a godly family in today’s culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Anything you feel comfortable in. Many men in our church wear suits and ties, many ladies wear dresses, but you will also find jeans and polos. Whatever you decide to wear, we are happy and excited that you would choose to worship with us.

What should I do with my children?

We have several well-trained ladies that operate our infant and children’s nursery for every service. We also have a Junior Church for children age 4 through 4th grade on Sunday mornings.

Should I give in the offering?

We take up an offering to show that we trust God for our finances, and to take care of the ministries of the church. We do not ask or expect visitors to give in the offering, we are happy that you are here!

Can I attend the events of the church?

If we are having an event of some kind that would include your stage of life, you are invited! We want you to come to any event we may have. You can meet some new friends, have fun, and if the event includes it, enjoy a wonderful meal!


What does Walnut Creek Baptist Church believe?